Candy Crisp Apple


Candy Crisp Apples:
Plant Facts
Type :
semi dwarf
Characteristics :
Mature Height :
12-14 feet
Support Required :
Bloom Period :
Mid April
Sun Exposure :
Full Sun
Will Produce
Fruit In:
3-5 years
Harvest Period :
Mid Sept
Soil Type :
well drained
4 - 8
About Candy Crisp Apples :

The Candy Crisp Golden Delicious apples are an excellent all purpose cooking apple. This apple has firm, white flesh that retains its shape when baked or cooked. Its rich mellow flavor, sweet and crisp, is an asset to any recipe.You can cut down the sugar in pies and sauces made from Candy Crisp apples.

The skin is so tender and thin that you can skip peeling for many recipes. It is also outstanding when used in a fruit bowl and for fresh fruit.



The latest Golden Delicious variety, now available to our valued customers! This latest version of our classic Golden Delicious will really knock your sock off! The unique taste is similar to a pear, very sweet and juicy. The apples are a beautiful golden yellow with a pink blush. Very disease resistant. CandyCrisp has an exceptionally long storage life, up to 4 months after harvest! Pollinate wih Stark® GrandGala™ or Stark® Jona-A-Red™ Jonathan. Ripens early October in Zone 5. U.S.P.P.A.F.
Malus pumila 'Griener 1198'

Recommended Hardiness Zone Range : 4-7

 CandyCrisp® Apple
CandyCrisp® another great apple discovered in New York State.  CandyCrisp® is 100% Sugar, no acid and is one of  the juciest apples we have ever bit into!  Picked at just the right time CandyCrisp® has what is described as a very distinctive Pear flavor or what we call Papple™.  Many people say  the CandyCrisp® is a sweeterCrisper Golden Delicious Apple.

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