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 Bridal Wreath Spirea Minimize

Bridal Wreath Spirea - Mr. Jack's Farm

 Plant Facts Minimize

Mature Height:

5 - 6 feet

Mature Spread:

6 - 7 feet

Mature Form:

Compact, Rounded

Growth Rate:


Sun Exposure:

Partial - Full Sun

Soil Moisture:

Well Drained

Soil Type:

 Widely Adaptable

Flower Color:


Foliage Color:

Dark Green

Fall Color:

Yellow Orange, Purplish Bronze


6 - 9

Natural Attraction:

 Description Minimize

Bridal Wreath Spirea grows as a loose, gracefully arching shrub to around 6 feet in height and width. The slender shiny brown stems tend to be a little zig-zaggy. It has deciduous 1-2 inch ovate leaves with fine teeth on the margins. Bridal wreath Spirea blooms in early to mid spring, before the leaves come out.

 Homeowner Growing & Maintenance Tips Minimize
It should never be sheared, but may have to be pruned right after blooming to keep it in its allotted space.
Use bridal wreath spirea in an informal mixed hedge, in the garden border, or as a specimen where its generous springtime bright white floral display will stand out. If left alone, bridal wreath spirea grows into a graceful, open, arching shrub with some branches drooping all the way to the ground.
 Landscape Value Minimize
Bridal wreath spirea is an old favorite among American gardeners and a common sight in home landscapes throughout much of the eastern U.S
 Interesting Notes Minimize
Spirea prunifolia var. simpliciflora, the wild form, hails from temperate Asia in Korea, eastern China and Taiwan where it grows on rocky hillsides. S. p. 'Plena', the garden form, apparently originated in Chinese gardens, and actually was discovered by Western botanists and horticulturists before the wild form was known.
 Foliage & Flowering Minimize

The leaves are glossy dark green, often turning purplish or reddish orange in autumn. The flowers are snowy white and double, about a third of an inch in diameter and produced all along the stems in open corymbs of 3-6, each cluster about 2.5 in across.

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