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Why aren’t my blueberry bushes producing any fruit?

A few things could cause this. Blueberry bushes should not be planted in deep shade. In deep shade the bushes cannot receive enough sunlight to initiate the flower buds. The bushes need at least 20% full sunlight for flower bud initiation. If the plant does not receive the required sunlight the fruit crop will suffer drastically. Another cause of lack of fruiting is cold weather. If the flowers or young fruit are exposed to frost or freezing temperatures it can cause the fruit to not fully develop.


Why are my berries so small?


There are many factors that contribute to berry size. The first is the genetics of the cultivar. Every blueberry variety is different. The lowbush berries are typically smaller than the highbush varieties. Another factor is the plants nutrients. The flower blossoms that appear during spring are actually initiated the previous summer. A drought or nutrient stress can limit a plant’s resources causing the flowers to only have the capacity to produce smaller fruit. During flowering and fruiting water must be readily available. Any blueberry plant will have smaller fruit if it lacks in water. The easiest way to increase berry size is to cross-pollinate the plant. Most fruits plants will benefit from receiving pollen from another variety.


Why are my plant’s leaves red or yellow early in the spring?


This is a natural problem that shouldn’t be stressed.   Blueberry plants have inefficient water pumping systems. If the soil is still cold in early spring when the plant starts to leaf the root system cannot pump the water nearly as well. Thus all the necessary nutrients cannot be transported and the leaves change to a yellowish or reddish color. Little can be done to fix this. You can apply a foliar spray of nutrients. This would green up the foliage but applies no additional benefits in the long run. 


Why are the leaves of my plant yellow or red throughout the growing season?


This situation is different. Leaf discoloration is a sign of iron deficiency. To fix this you need to lower the soil pH. To do this all you need to do is apply sulfur to get it down to the preferred 5.0.


How do I stop animals from eating my berries?


The best technique is to use netting. Make sure the netting is tied securely around the base of the canes. This helps keep the rodents and birds out.

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