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Jane Magnolia | Magnolia Trees | Mr. Jack's Farm
 Facts About Jane Magnolias Minimize

Mature Height:

10 - 15 feet

Mature Spread:

6 - 10 feet
Mature Form: Upright, Rounded
Growth Rate: Slow

Sun Exposure:

Partial Shade

Soil Moisture:


Soil Type:

Loamy, Sandy, or Clay

Flower Color:

Purple & Red
Foliage Color: Green
Fall Color: Copper
Bloom Time: Spring & Summer
Bark Texture: Coarse
pH Level: 6.8 - 7.2
Zones: 3 - 7

Natural Attraction:

 About Jane Magnolias Minimize
Jane Magnolia is a slow growing ornamental tree.  This magnolia is asymmetric in shape with an open crown.  Jane Magnolias rarely fruit, but when it does the fruit is inconspicuous and red.  The fruit is also known to attract birds.
 Homeowner Growing & Maintenance Tips Minimize
The best time to plant magnolias is late winter to early spring.

Will tolerate poor drainage only a short period of time.

The Jane Magnolia will grow well in the city, but does not like dry alkaline soil.

Train plants early it order to develop desired form.

Older trees are harder to prune.
 Interesting Facts Minimize
Magnolias are a cross between Waterlilies and Reflorescens.
 Flowers & Foliage Minimize
Jane Magnolia’s flowers bloom to a purple and red.  They are quite showy.  The blooming time is during the spring and summer

The foliage is green during the warm months and changes to copper during fall.
 Landscape Uses Minimize
  • Border
  • Specimen
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