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Mr. Jack has a farm
and on his farm
he has lots of trees
Fruit Trees here,
Blueberries there,
and Cypress Trees
and on his farm
he has lots of fun

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Brown Turkey Fig | Fig Trees | Mr. Jack's Farm
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Mature Height:

10 - 20 feet

Mature Spread:

10 - 20 feet
Mature Form: Upright, Spreading
Growth Rate: Moderate

Sun Exposure:

Full Sun

Soil Moisture:


Soil Type:

Loamy, Sandy, or Clay
Foliage Color: Green
Fall Color: Orange, Red, or Yellow
Ripens: August
pH Preference: 6.0 - 6.5
Zones: 7 - 11
Heritage: Southwest Asia
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The Brown Turkey Fig tree is a moderately growing fruit tree. The fruit has a reddish brown skin and a sweet red flesh. Brown Turkey does not need pollination. Restricting the roots of any fig tree helps encourage a larger display of fruit. The breba crop (first) is usually small but the main crop can be quite large if planted in the right conditions.
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Evidence shows that fig cultivation dates back to at least 5000 BC.

Figs were held sacred by the Roman Empire. In Roman mythology the wolf that nurtured Romulus and Remus rested under a fig tree.
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All figs are synconia, meaning that inside the fruit there is tens to hundreds of tiny flowers without stalks.

The foliage is green spring through summer. The leaves have a soft hairy underside and a rough hairy upper surface.
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  • Accent
  • Specimen
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