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 Red Fuji Apple Minimize

Red Delicious Apple

 Plant Facts Minimize

Mature Height:

10 - 15 feet

Mature Spread:

8 - 10 feet

Sun Exposure:


Soil Moisture:

 Well Drained

Soil Type:



5 - 9


Fujisake. Japan



Chill Hours:


Bloom Period:



Mid September

Fruit Color:

Red with Yellowing-green base
 Description Minimize

The Red Fuji apple is our selection of the world famous late harvesting Fuji that everyone sees in the produce store. It ripens late in the fall season, with Breburn and Granny Smith. Its exquisite flavor is excellent. It is an extraordinarily crisp and juicy variety. Produces fruit fast and can be grown organically without pesticides.


 Homeowner Growing & Maintenance Tips Minimize
 Bloom/Harvest Characteristics Minimize

Red Fuji apples bloom in spring and can be harvested September.

 Site Requirements Minimize

Plentiful sunlight is a key to maximizing fruit production. Choose an area in your landscape that is in the sun most or all of the day. Otherwise, expect reduced performance from the trees. Early morning sun is particularly important to dry dew from the plants, thereby reducing the incidence of disease.

Good Drainage is a more important Consideration than soil fertility. Plant trees in well drained soil. Roots need a generous supply of oxygen; in most conditions plating on a raised terrace will help. A neutral soil is preferred.

 Uses Minimize

Great for salads because of the crisp texture and sweet taste. Great for a quick snack or bite. Excellent for pies.

 Heritage Minimize

The Fuji apple originated in the 1950's in Fjuisake, Japan and is a cross between Ralls and Red Delicious.

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